Moving Yourself vs Hiring Movers

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The moving process requires you to make numerous different decisions, from choosing the wall paint color to the right furniture. Among the things you need to look for when buying a new house, you likely want to know what’s better between moving yourself vs hiring movers. Luckily, we are here to enlighten you!

To choose between the two options, you must determine your budget allowance and the flexibility you desire during the moving process. This article helps you decide which moving method’s pros outweigh the cons and best suit your preferences.

Moving On Your Own

If you are a person who enjoys organizing things, making checklists, and handling significant projects on your own, moving yourself may be the best option. You will take charge of packing, lifting, carrying, and sorting out your belongings.

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However, not everyone has the time, patience, and physical strength to do this alone and they ask professionals for help.


  • You control the process: Taking control is the most significant advantage of moving on your own. You have the freedom to choose the moving truck, boxes, and supplies. You are also given the flexibility to decide when it’s the most convenient to move instead of relying on someone else’s schedule and availability.
  • It’s more cost-effective: Many people are usually asking is it cheaper to move yourself or hire movers. Doing it on your own is undoubtedly a more cost-effective solution. Opting for moving rentals or company assistance during the process is costly, and many don’t want to spend additional money on top of paying for a new house.
  • Loading on your own terms: Delicate items like ceramic vases, picture frames, or lamps must be handled gently during the moving process because they can easily break. You may consider these things valuable and highly sentimental. But, moving companies often load the truck as fast as possible without paying attention to fragile possessions. So, doing it by yourself means everything will arrive in good condition to the new home.


  • It’s time-consuming: Moving on your own requires meticulous planning and organization, which is inconvenient for many people. You will also have to arrange the order of boxes that will go into the truck to ensure nothing breaks.
  • You have to lift the heavy items: Lifting a refrigerator or a heavy couch by yourself is nearly too challenging. Of course, you can always ask a neighbor or a friend for help, but you will also likely be involved in the heavy lifting and finding a way to fit everything through the door, regardless of how clunky it may be.
  • Figuring out the logistics: When you take complete charge of the process, you must determine what is the best way to transfer your belongings from the old house to the new one.

Hiring a Moving Service

Professional moving companies can take care of many aspects during the process to make it easier and less stressful for you. So, if you are frequently asking yourself, “Should I hire movers?” maybe examining the following advantages and disadvantages will help you make the right decision:


  • They handle the heavy lifting: Employees in moving services and companies are professionally trained to handle all kinds of projects. They are physically prepared to lift all items and put them in the moving truck, letting you avoid the danger of hurting yourself or breaking something valuable. They also have techniques for carrying large items like furniture quickly and safely through the door and down the stairs.
  • They have the right moving equipment: A reputable moving company that respects the wishes and preferences of their clients will do anything to meet their needs and help them during the process. You no longer have to rely on friends to help you move. Instead, you can count on professionals to carry out the project better with the right supplies.
  • They make the process more efficient: Professional moving services prioritizing efficiency arrive on time as previously discussed with the client. They also ease the worry of loading and driving the moving vehicle by yourself, which can be very challenging if you don’t have enough experience.


  • You have less control over the process: Moving yourself may give you the flexibility to choose the moving days and hours, but that is not the case when hiring help. The moving company usually books one day per client at a specific time frame, and they must carry out the process without any delays because it slows down or disrupts their scheduled workflow.
  • Their services can be costly: Moving companies charge a lot of money when helping during the process because it takes a lot of effort and physical force on the part of the employees. While you can find local movers offering an acceptable price range, the cost depends on the size of the home, the amount of things that need to be transferred, and the distance between the previous and new home.
  • Their approach may be unreliable: Movers usually don’t know what each moving box contains. So, even if labeled as fragile, they may not handle it gently as you would to prevent damage or breakage. At the end of the day, you are trusting complete strangers to transfer your valuable belongings safely.

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Combining Both Techniques

Deciding should I hire movers or do it myself can be tricky. Considering the advantages and disadvantages of both options may make the choice easier. But did you know that you can combine both methods for the best possible outcome?

Let’s say you have problems handling the heavy lifting, but you can rent a moving truck and equipment. In such cases, you can pay moving service employees for loading and driving the truck and pay them by the hour during the moving day.

Which Moving Method Is Right For You?

Still can’t decide between moving yourself vs hiring movers? You are not fighting this battle alone! Choosing the right moving method is trickier than people think, so here are some factors to consider:

  • Time Availability: Determine how much time you have on your hands to spend during the moving process. Doing it on your own is more time-consuming than hiring professionals. Also, decide whether you need that time for other obligations, like watching your kids, instead of spending it on getting the moving job done.
  • Distance Considerations: Moving to a new home doesn’t always mean staying in the same city or state. Some people move a few blocks from their previous house, which makes the moving box transfer easier. However, if the new property is far away, hiring a professional service is the more convenient option of the two.
  • Access to Tools: If your family or friends can borrow moving tools for you to use, you don’t have to rely on professionals to provide them. You can also rent this type of equipment. But, if you don’t have access to it, professional movers will take the worry away.
  • Packing and Maneuvering Skills: If you consider yourself a well-organized person who can confidently handle the packing process, you are one step closer to choosing the DIY method. However, you must also figure out ways to maneuver the large items without damaging the floors and walls.

Physical Preparation: Do you feel strong enough to lift and carry all of your belongings out of the house? Great! But if you experience chronic or back pain, you should let professional movers handle this aspect of the moving process to prevent injuring yourself.