Most Dangerous States in The US: High Crime Rates Alert

The United States has witnessed more property than violent crimes since its founding. Crime in this country has always been generally high, but some states suffer more than others. For this reason, it’s essential to discover the most dangerous states in the US.

Compared to the best states to live in America, the places on this list have concerning crime rates, which people should consider if they want to relocate. The country analyzes crime data based on factors such as population density, urbanization degree, stability, economic conditions, cultural and family conditions, and crime reporting practices.

With that in mind, we gathered enough information about the top 10 states with highest crime rate based on property and personal violations reported by residents. Highlighting their characteristics will hopefully improve public safety and inform people to stay vigilant and responsible when choosing a place to live.

1. New Mexico

Are you wondering what state has the highest crime rate in the country? The answer is undoubtedly New Mexico. This state has a higher juvenile incarceration rate than the national average, indicating the youth in New Mexico lacks family cohesiveness and commits crimes based on the poverty level.

New Mexico’s cost of living is low, and numerous outdoor adventure opportunities exist. Residents can afford a comfortable life and soak up the sunny days here. However, people avoid moving to this state due to high crime risks.

The violent crime rate in this state is 780 per 100,000, and the property crime rate is 2,984 per 100,000. It also has the highest number of fatal car accidents and neglected infrastructures, making its socioeconomic conditions very poor, leading to more crime.

2. Louisiana

The second-worst state in America is Louisiana. Despite its rich culture and heritage, this state has high murder rates and is deemed unsafe to raise a family. Only the town Many in this state is considered safe due to its low population and booming economy.

People often praise Louisiana’s flourishing job market, delicious food, affordable education opportunities, and low housing prices. However, they must also pay attention to the crime considerations often associated with this state’s reputation.

The property crime rate in this state, 2,748 per 100,000, is only slightly lower than that of New Mexico. Its violent crime rate is also considered high, amounting to 629 cases per 100,000 of the population.

3. Colorado

The breathtaking outdoor scenery, picturesque mountains, beautiful weather, and affordable housing are only some of the characteristics that may make Colorado appealing to people who want to move to this state.

Unfortunately, the natural uniqueness and tax benefits of Colorado can’t help it avoid ranking among the states with highest crime rates. This state recently had the highest vehicle theft rate per capita compared to the other states.

Evidence shows that residents often report someone scouting neighborhoods and blocks to pull garage or car doors to violate property. Thus, its property crime rate, 3,148 per 100,000, is higher than New Mexico and Louisiana’s. Its violent crime rate is slightly lower—492 per 100,000.

Denver, Colorado

4. Arkansas

Known for its southern hospitality and affordable housing, Arkansas is a state with beautiful mountains, offering something to do for everyone who decides to relocate here. Its weather is appropriate for every season of the year, positively affecting people’s mental and physical health.

Arkansas offers a good quality of life, numerous employment and education opportunities, and low living costs for its residents. These characteristics sound appealing to many people. So, how did this state make it on this list and receive fourth place?

Unfortunately, Arkansas is also among the most dangerous states in America. It has a violent crime rate of 645 per 100,000 and a property crime rate of 2,452 per 100,000. The most concerning crimes often committed in this state include larceny, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.

5. Washington

When people hear Washington doesn’t require paying a state income tax, they are tempted to relocate to this state and start a new life with their family and friends. On top of that, Washington offers many outside activities, reputable education facilities, and a thriving economy.

Washington State University is one of the most prestigious options in the country. In addition to high-quality education, this state offers college tuition to make it as affordable to more people as possible.

However, this state’s future doesn’t seem bright because of its high crime rates. Washington’s violent crime rate is 376 per 100,000. However, the property crime rate, 3,356 per 100,000, is more concerning because it is much higher than the national average.

6. Tennessee

Tennessee’s low taxes, affordable living costs, and outstanding quality of life make it ideal for some families. This state also offers natural beauty, outdoor activities, and employment opportunities.

Over 20 prestigious colleges are located in Tennessee, providing many education choices for newcomers with children. But not everything in Tennessee is worth praising, especially the humidity and high price rates, which make it one of the most dangerous states in the US.

The metropolitan area of this state, Nashville, has higher crime rates than the national average. The overall Tennessee violent crime rate is 622 per 100,000, while the property crime rate is 2,302 per 100,000.

Nashville, Tennessee

7. Alaska

Are you looking to move to a slow-paced state offering many exciting adventures and unique job opportunities you cannot find anywhere else? If so, you will probably enjoy Alaska’s atmosphere, away from busy large towns and crowds.

This state offers its residents the opportunity to connect with nature and experience a change of scenery they have been longing for. Alaska is also a popular tourist attraction, ideal for meeting new people, but this factor increases the state’s cost of living.

This state’s seclusion, ruralness, and limited police surveillance have also caused it to have a high crime rate. Since 2018, Alaska has witnessed an increase in violent crimes, reaching 759 per 100,000. The property crime rates are also troublesome, numbering 1,789 per 100,000.

Anchorage, Alaska

8. Oregon

Oregon offers plenty of economic opportunities, a diverse housing market, and doesn’t require residents to pay for sales taxes. It’s also an excellent place for hikers, bicyclists, and recreation lovers due to its unlimited natural access.

However, the public schools in this state don’t have a high status, and Oregon charges high taxes for income. Also, due to violence against police officers, many have left their jobs, leading to staff shortages and decreased public safety.

Thus, many cities in Oregon, including Portland, struggle with high crime rates. Most people report problems with excessive drug use and car thefts, resulting in a violent crime rate of 342 per 100,000 and a property crime rate of 2,935 per 100,000.

9. California

Apart from the blissful sun radiating throughout California, Holywood’s glamour also shines in this state and invites more people with its diverse culture and innovation. California also offers various entertainment opportunities and enjoyable weather during all seasons of the year.

Aspiring artists and models thrive in California because of the inviting job market and inclusivity. Although the living costs are high in this state, the average salaries allow residents to live comfortably and afford necessities without struggling to make ends meet every month.

However, the public safety in this state is not the best due to overwhelming substance abuse and increasing levels of homelessness. Its violent crime rate, including murders and physical assaults, is 499 per 100,000, whereas the property crime rate, such as home invasions and vehicle thefts, is 2,343 per 100,000.

Los Angeles, California

10. Missouri

Missouri residents enjoy low housing costs and affordable living conditions. Monthly utilities are cost-effective, and people can afford necessities by earning an average salary. This state’s median home value is also a factor many consider worthy of relocating here.

Missouri’s healthcare is also impressive, offering residents protection when they need it the most. Its strong economy contributes to the growing job market, which makes it a good choice for people who want to raise a family in a new state.

Although it holds the last place on this list, Missouri is among the most dangerous states in the US based on the increasing number of crime activities. It has a violent crime rate of 488 per 100,000 and a property crime rate of 2,340 per 100,000.


In summary, the data highlights New Mexico, Louisiana, and Colorado as the states with the highest crime rates in the nation. By analyzing the violent and property crime rates per 100,000 inhabitants, it becomes evident which states face significant safety challenges.

The graph below visually represents these crime rates, offering a clear comparison of the most dangerous states in the United States. This visual aid can help residents and potential movers make more informed decisions about safety and living conditions.

Graph showing the most dangerous states in the US

Understanding the crime landscape is crucial for ensuring personal safety and making informed decisions about where to live.