Safest States to Live in The US: Lowest Crime Rates

People aiming to relocate to a new state with their families seek well-developed but safe places where they can live comfortably without fear of violence on a daily basis. Luckily, here you will discover the safest states in the US worth considering.

Compared to dangerous places to live in this country, the safest states in America provide peace and comfort, assuring residents their families are protected and there is always someone they can contact in case of crime-related incidents.

We compiled a list of the ten states with lowest crime rates, ranked based on specific criteria. The violent and property crime rates, evaluated per 100,000 people, are taken into consideration when determining each state’s levels of public and personal safety.

1. New Hampshire: Small and Safe National Treasure

Known for its natural treasures, including high mountain peaks and crystal clear bodies of water, New Hampshire’s capability to provide safe and stable living conditions for all residents and newcomers is also impressive.

This is the safest state to live in across the United States due to its focus on public safety. The juvenile incarceration rate is much lower than the national average, indicating family stability and cohesiveness are good in New Hampshire.

Although the state’s gun laws are not extremely strict, the number of murder victims in New Hampshire is significantly lower compared to other states. In fact, it is believed that more residents owning guns scare away potential perpetrators and intruders and prevent more crimes from being committed.

  • Violent Crime Rate: 126/100K
  • Property Crime Rate: 1,011/100K

Concord, New Hampshire

2. Maine: Consistently Maintaining Low Crime Rates

FBI data shows that Maine is among the safest states in the US, and it is appropriate for families who want to raise their children in a stable environment. This state’s community is tight-knit and inviting, and its population density is low, contributing to its consistent maintenance of low crime rates.

The sense of close community in this state helps residents avoid frequent burglaries or violent physical assaults. They rarely face the dangers of a terrorist attack. Also, most cities offer remote atmospheres, further enhancing the feeling of safety and security.

Many towns in this state are also popular vacation destinations for people all over the country. For this reason, the robust police force has introduced many safety precautions for both visitors and residents to improve the state’s charm and attractiveness.

  • Violent Crime Rate: 103/100K
  • Property Crime Rate: 1,213/100K

3. Idaho: Busy but Sensible Residential Environment

In addition to the rich woods and breathtaking natural scenery it offers, Idaho is also one of the safest states in USA. Its stable economy and affordable living costs prevent high imprisonment rates and murder cases in this state.

High poverty rates often result in more auto thefts, home invasions, and similar offenses. Thankfully, Idaho’s residents don’t face this problem because of the state’s low poverty rates and family-focused environment.

The police surveillance is also impressive in this state. Idaho’s law enforcement team prioritizes solving crimes as fast as possible to provide all residents with a strong sense of public and personal safety.

  • Violent Crime Rate: 241/100K
  • Property Crime Rate: 927/100K

Landscape in Idaho

4. Rhode Island: Lack of Crime and Abundance of Enjoyment

Often referred to as the “Ocean State,” Rhode Island offers residents and tourists opportunities to try delicious seafood meals and have unmatched beach experiences. Some of this state’s suburban areas offer peace and enjoyment for families with children all year round.

Rhode Island’s low crime rates also attract people who are considering relocating there. Although this state’s living costs are slightly higher due to tax payment requirements and expensive housing, the violent and property crime rates are continuously decreasing as we speak.

However, certain cities in this state, including Providence, Newport, and Central Falls, can be dangerous due to their larger population than other places in Rhode Island. The most common crimes occurring in these towns include property crime, theft, and burglary.

  • Violent Crime Rate: 172/100K
  • Property Crime Rate: 1,285/100K

5. Connecticut: Impressive Social Safety Reputation

Connecticut is one of the safest states in the US because of its community’s overall happiness and hospitality. It also has low poverty rates, which help prevent crimes such as thefts, and build an impressive reputation for social safety.

Most towns in this state are considered safe for living and raising a family, except for some, including larger ones like Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven. These cities have recently witnessed an increase in violent and property crime rates.

The most common crimes that may occur in these major Connecticut cities include murder, sexual assault, larceny, and vehicle theft. Thus, people can avoid these places and relocate to smaller ones in this state to live more comfortably and safely.

  • Violent Crime Rate: 150/100K
  • Property Crime Rate: 1,494/100K

6. New Jersey: Public Safety as a #1 Priority

Young professionals who want to work in major cities such as New York like New Jersey’s geographical position because of its proximity. This state’s residents also praise its superior healthcare and thriving economy.

The sense of unity New Jersey’s small community is known for is a contributing factor in its placement among the American states with the lowest crime rates. The generally high median incomes and well-developed education system also prevent crimes from happening in this state too often.

The number of aggravated assaults per capita is significantly lower in New Jersey compared to others. However, people considering relocating to this state with their families should avoid cities like Camden, Newark, and Trenton which are deemed dangerous.

  • Violent Crime Rate: 203/100K
  • Property Crime Rate: 1,417/100K

Jersey City, New Jersey

7. Kentucky: Low Crime Rates and Living Costs

Kentucky’s southern hospitality is truly unmatched, and it continuously attracts more people to move there and raise their families. Many towns in this state are on the smaller side, providing residents with a peaceful and safe experience.

Not many schools in this state are highly prestigious. Despite that, Kentucky’s education system is well-established, which contributes to more young people spending time in school rather than finding themselves among gangsters roaming through the major cities.

Kentucky is not the safest state to live on this list, especially because of the high crime activity in cities like Louisville. However, people can still enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this state if they choose to relocate to safer towns such as Edgewood.

  • Violent Crime rate: 214/100K
  • Property Crime Rate: 1,449/100K

8. Massachusetts: A Place for Residents Away from Terrors

The rich historical and cultural value of Massachusetts makes it inviting for people who wish to change their surroundings and reside in a place where violent crime doesn’t happen often. This state also has an impressive education system and a booming economy, which prevents high levels of poverty and crime.

The nation doesn’t have many safe states. But, Massachusetts stands out with its prioritization of road, workplace, home, and community safety, reassuring residents the state cares about their well-being and overall security.

  • Violent Crime Rate: 322/100K
  • Property Crime Rate: 1,070/100K

9. West Virginia: Rare Offenses and Property Crimes

West Virginia’s affordable living costs contribute to its good reputation for public and private safety. Although the monthly salaries are not exceptionally high in this state, residents can afford all the necessities for a comfortable life without being forced to commit a crime like robbery to feed their families.

The crime rates in this state are significantly low, and the community is generally friendly and hospitable. However, that is not to say that encountering dangerous people in cities like Charleston isn’t possible.

  • Violent Crime Rate: 278/100K
  • Property Crime Rate: 1,230/100K

A log cabin in West Virginia

10. Iowa: Plenty of Protection Opportunities

Iowa is known for its kind community members and numerous national treasures that make people feel safe in their surroundings. However, this state offers enhanced protection for its residents, which is the main reason why it’s one of the safest states in the US.

Iowa’s police safety department handles all complaints, school safety concerns, and missing person cases professionally. They also conduct criminal background checks to ensure safer neighborhoods. For additional protection, residents can have watchdogs on their properties.

Even though this state has many good safety characteristics, it’s last on the list for some specific reasons. Cities like Waterloo and Fort Dodge have higher crime-related activities compared to smaller places like North Liberty.

  • Violent Crime Rate: 287/100K
  • Property Crime Rate: 1,331/100K

In conclusion, the data clearly indicates that states like New Hampshire, Maine, and Idaho boast some of the lowest crime rates in the nation, making them some of the safest places to reside. By examining the violent and property crime rates per 100,000 inhabitants, one can see the stark contrast in safety between these states and others.

To visualize this data more effectively, we’ve created a graph illustrating the violent and property crime rates for the ten safest states. This graph serves as a helpful tool for those considering relocation or simply seeking to understand the safety landscape across the United States.

Graph describing the crime rates for the 10 most safe states in US

By prioritizing safety and understanding the factors that contribute to lower crime rates, individuals and families can make more informed decisions about where to live, ultimately leading to a higher quality of life.